Mixer / Pump / Cooling Tower Parts

    • Lightnin Mixer Fixer Kits

      Most Lightnin mixer fixer kits are in stock for immediate shipment.

    • Lightnin Parts

    • Milton Roy Parts Kits

      Many Milton Roy RPM kits are in stock for immediate shipment.

    • LMI Parts Kits

      Most LMI RPM kits are in stock for immediate shipment.

    • Williams Parts

    • Seepex Parts

    • Delta Cooling Tower Fill

    Heat Exchanger Parts

    • OEM Gaskets

      OEM gaskets ensure the same performance and reliability as the original equipment.

    • Plate Packs

      Tranter plate packs are supplied with plates arranged in sequential order to ensure optimal performance.


    • Lightnin Lube

      Lightnin Lube for
      Series 10
      Series 70
      Series 80
      Series 98

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    • Lightnin Grease

      Lightnin Grease for
      ECL Series
      EV Series
      I Series
      S Series

    • Milton Roy Oil

      Milton Roy pump oil for:
      mRoy Series
      Milroyal Series

    • Seepex Grease

      Seepex Grease

    Lightnin Mixer Repair Programs

    • Exchange Reducer Program

    • Reducer Repair Program

    • Aftermarket Services

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    Pump Repair

    • Milton Roy Pump Repair

    • Seepex Pump Repair

    Norfolk Service Center

    • Tranter's service center in Norfolk, VA has trained techs who are available for field service as well as in-house refurb. Only OEM gaskets and plates are used to ensure as-new performance from your reconditioned heat exchanger.

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