TerraconTerracon proudly provides custom configured non-metallic solutions to the ultrapure water, hemodialysis, biopharmaceutical, and general high purity markets.

Below is an overview of Terracon’s product line. Our experienced Sales Engineers are available to help you determine the best products for your needs. Contact Us.

    Sanitary Tanks

    • Terrapure Cylindrical Tanks

      The TerraPure family of tanks offer a high quality, cost effective solution for ultra pure water applications, ultra pure water storage and WFI applications. Seismic restraint systems available on all models. Available in 125 and 250 Gallons.

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    • Storage Tanks

      Terracon's complete inventory of top-quality virgin linear polyethylene rotomolded cylindrical tanks assures our ability to provide what you need, when you need it. Available in open top / flat bottom, Open top / cone bottom, Closed top / flat bottom and Closed top / cone bottom

    • Dispensing Tanks

      Terracon's inventory of top-quality rotomolded tanks includes tanks specifically designed for dispensing.

    • Transport Tanks

      Terracon's inventory of top-quality molded tanks includes tanks specifically designed for transport. These specialty design plastic tanks are ideal for mobile applications with a low to the ground design.

    • Process Tanks

      Terracon designs plastic tanks specifically for use in the quality and inspection processes for a variety of industrial applications. While Terracon can provide a plastic tank in many shapes and sizes, plastic processing tanks are typically rectangular tanks to meet the size and shape requirements for industrial testing processes.

    • Mixing Tanks

      Tanks made out of polyethylene or polypropylene
      Cylindrical tanks ideal for mixing: Open top cone bottom tanks (COC)
      Closed top cone bottom tanks (CXC)

      Custom designed for shape and size you need (e.g., 250 liter)
      Top or bottom fed
      Dual console
      Tapered feed
      Fixed base, mobile carts, stainless steel or non-metallic stands
      Fittings, including ports and tank outlets for custom tank solutions

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    Plastic Tank Solutions

    • Terrapro Mixing Tank

      The new TerraPro Mixer offers a pre-engineered, cost-effective mixing tank solution specifically for life sciences applications. Ideal for media and buffer preparation, the mixer is available in its pre-engineered configuration with a short lead time of just 2-4 weeks to ship (customization is available).

    • Terrapure Tank

      Our TerraPure custom tank solution has proven to be a leader in the field for ultrapure water applications. Pre-engineered TerraPure tank are available in either 125 or 250 gallon capacity.

    • Terraspray Rinse Station

      Terracon's non-metallic line allows users to rinse carboys, vessels or other containers up to 50 gallons (200 liters) in a very cost-effective, efficient manner.

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