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    Heavy Mixers

    • Raven 3800

      The rugged Raven Mixer Drive is a high-quality performer built for virtually any application, from critical to routine. This superior mixer drive withstands high temperatures, harsh conditions and fluctuating loads. Developed to handle even the most rigorous processes, the Raven mixer drive incorporates the latest design advantages and improvements to ensure proper results for all your mixing operations. The Raven Mixer Drive is built to withstand high loads and harsh environments and provide long, reliable and trouble-free service.

    • PVE

      Robust and efficient, the PVE Mixer Drive is the next generation of design for heavy duty performance, able to handle even extreme shock loads without incident. Strength, reliability, and durability are built into this superior mixer drive.

      The PVE is designed around precision-ground, surface-hardened helical gearing which delivers a smooth, strong torque flow and has the extra strength required to handle high shock loads. In addition, because the unit’s solid alloy steel shaft is larger in diameter than standard designs, it has the stiffness and strength to easily withstand even the highest shaft loads. And, with a minimum L-10 life three times that of commercial reducers, the output shaft bearings easily withstand high impeller loads.

    • BSER

      Our BSER side entry mixer drive combines with our Forward Rake Advanced Pitch Propeller that creates a collimated flow for optimal BS&W (bottom, sediment and water) control, faster blending and energy efficiency.

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