Omega Laser Plates are heat exchanger plates that can be used in many ways for the industrial heating or cooling of your product. As the inventor of the laser welding machine for these Laser Plates, Omega Thermo Products has an unprecedented amount of experience in the production of Laser Plates.

These laser welded plates have endless applications in different industries. Omega Laser Plates are used on tanks, for example in the production of cooling milk, soft drinks, wine or beer. But also various other sectors use our plates. For example, the meat processing industry, the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Below is an overview of Omega Thermos Product line. Our experienced Sales Engineers are available to help you determine the best products for your needs. Contact Us.

    Heat Exchangers

    • Immersion Heat Exchanger

      With Omega’s Immersion Plates it is easy to directly heat or cool a liquid. The sturdy design ensures that the product is easy to clean and maintain. Whether it is for clean water or heavily contaminated liquids, Laser Plates can maintain performance.
      Immersion Plates were initially used to heat or cool highly contaminated liquids. Several industries use this efficient method of direct heating and cooling.

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    • Clamp On Heat Exchanger

      Heating, cooling, or maintaining temperature of an existing tank is easy with Laser Plates. Using Laser Plates saves the cost of building a new tank, makes the heat exchanger easy to take off and replace and can be easily placed anywhere on the tank.
      Omega Thermo Products makes single embossed and double embossed clamp-on plates depending on your needs.

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    • Heat Recovery Bank

      Heat Recovery Banks capture heat that is exhausted or vented during plant process applications and provides energy savings by using the recovered heat in multiple preheating applications.

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    • Bayonet And Suction Heater

      Bayonet heaters are an energy efficient, water saving alternative to steam sparging for heating process vessels.

      Bayonet heaters are installed in the side entry of the tank. A mounting flange, which is provided, is bolted to the side of the tank for ease of insertion and removal. This allows for good natural convection circulation of the fluid being heated. These heaters are ideal for use in recirculating systems and other applications where automatically controlled temperatures are needed.

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