Custom MetalcraftCustom Metalcraft specializes in custom Stainless Steel processing equipment, transportable storage units and complex bulk handling systems. They have developed a reputation for excellence in designing and manufacturing equipment of the highest quality for the food, beverage, chemical, oil/gas/energy and pharmaceutical industries.

Below is an overview of Custom Metalcraft’s product line. Our experienced Sales Engineers are available to help you determine the best products and solutions for your needs. Contact Us.

    Tanks & Kettles

    • Pharmaceutical / Sanitary Tanks

      Custom Metalcraft Pharmaceutical & Sanitary Tanks are generally custom designed for the USDA & FDA regulated industries. Tanks are highly polished with special emphasis placed on sanitary design and construction.

    • Cylindrical ASME Yeast Tank

      Custom Metalcraft Cylindrical ASME Yeast Tanks feature cone bottoms to allow for yeast settling. Optional removable CIP wand assembly is available. ASME dimpled jacket is labeled for 100 PSI at 200 degrees F. Fork channels provide two-way fork access

    • Multi Compartment Tank

      Custom Metalcraft Multi-Compartment tanks feature separate individual compartments, each with or without specific heat transfer surface. Each compartment can be equipped with a dedicated electric mixer with variable speed adjustment.

    • Kettles

      Custom Metalcraft Kettles & Processors feature a hemispheric bottom and vessel design, providing superior cleanability and accommodating a variety of designs.

    • Vats & Troughs

      Custom Metalcraft Vats & Troughs are designed and fabricated to meet the strict requirements of the USDA for the food industry. Tanks are designed specifically for use in chilling, curing, collection, transfer and storage. State-of-the-art technology in manufacturing processes give you a high quality, durable container for years of service

    • Storage Tanks

      Custom Metalcraft offers vertical and horizontal Storage Tanks for all industries, for both atmospheric and high pressure applications. Capacities range from 1 gallon to 60,000 gallons.

    • Blenders

      Custom Metalcraft Single and Double Bowl Ribbon Blenders are available in capacities from 1/2 cu. ft. to 200 cu. ft. Provides complete blending and mixing with thorough discharge. Specialty designs available.

    Belt Conveyors

    • Adjustable Height Belt

      Custom Metalcraft Incline Belt Conveyors are designed to transfer product from existing equipment to a secondary location. Conveyor has adjustable feet and a belt scraper located below the discharge end of the drive pulley.

    • Horizontal Belt

      Custom Metalcraft Horizontal Belt Conveyors include "S" curves, declines, retractable belts and/or articulating ends. Lateral movement designs are also available for filling and product dispersal.

    • Transfer

      Custom Metalcraft Transfer Conveyors allow the operator to combine or stage product to multiple endpoints.

    • Inclined Screw

      Custom Metalcraft Inclined Screw Conveyors feature an 8" inclined screw with an in-feed chute within a U trough. Casters allow flexibility in movement.


    • Drum Dumper

      Custom Metalcraft Drum Dumpers are available in stationary and portable designs. Dump heights are sized to meet specific production needs.

    • Pivot

      Custom Metalcraft Custom Designed Pivot Dumpers can be manufactured to accommodate various sized containers, including units to handle multiple containers simultaneously.

    Column & Scissor Lifts

    • Buggy Dumpers

      Custom Metalcraft Buggy Dumpers are available in portable or fixed mount designs, with numerous receiver configurations. Stainless steel and sanitary designs are also available.

    • Scissor Lifts

      Custom Metalcraft can design and fabricate Scissor Lifts, customized for your unique application and requirements.


    • Manway

      Custom Metalcraft 18" diameter bolted style tank manway

    • Tank Heads

      Custom Metalcraft Stainless Steel and Alloy Tank Heads are fabricated by employing our modern head forming equipment and techniques. We can form heads up to 3/4" thick, sized up to 15'-1/2" in diameter.

    Beer Products

    • Brew Houses

      Custom Metalcraft Standard or custom designs up to 200 bbl.
      Any desired configuration, all completely integrated. Manual, semi-automated or fully automated designs.

    • Bright Beer Tanks

      Custom Metalcraft Standard or custom designs up to 500 bbl for any seismic zone. ASME certification available. Multiple cooling zones for maintaining precise beer temperature.

    • Fermenters

      Custom Metalcraft Standard or custom designs up to 500 bbl for any seismic zone. ASME certification available. Multiple cooling zones for efficient crash cooling with minimal time.
      Roof mount or leg mount designs.

    • Kettles

      Custom Metalcraft Standard or custom designs up to 200 bbl.
      Internal or external calandrias available.
      Designed for maximum evaporation.

    • Mash & Lauter Tuns

      Custom Metalcraft Standard or custom designs up to 200 bbl.
      Rake assembly with fixed height or self adjusting height rakes, with or without spent grain plow. Under screen clean-in-place.

    • Platforms

      Custom Metalcraft platforms are available in any configuration, all OSHA designed.
      304 stainless steel frame & rails.
      304 stainless steel diamond tread or grate floors.

    • Whirlpools

      Custom Metalcraft Standard or custom designs up to 200 bbl.
      Optimum design for ideal trub formation.
      Tangential wort inlet sized for ideal whirlpool effect.

    • Yeast Brinks

      Custom Metalcraft Standard and custom designs available.
      Low shear agitation for minimal stress on yeast. Cooling zones on shell and bottom head.

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